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Come together and form one whole
[Latin coalescere - grow from, nourish]

What you might find here.....

Hello! My name is Jason and welcome to my website. Psycho emotional and psycho physical exploration vis a vis "art" hold special importance to me. As I am sure you will discover, I am not a fine artist. I am a dilettante at best. What is important though is that participating in the exploration of art has been something of a significant paradigm shift for me, enriching my life in a way that is difficult to describe. The intent of this site is to try share with you some of my recent and varied personal artistic adventures in addition to some of the paths I have walked in their exploration. The combination of euphoria and introspection that comes with personal discovery is truly spellbinding...conceptually capturing some of these moments by interacting with some form of expressive physical media seems to not only encourage personal discovery, but to enhance and enrich it substantially. This process I hope to share with you via some of my own works as well as works created by other people.

In creating the content you find posted to the site in it's current condition has been a difficult task for me. One of the most difficult aspects of this has been the process of trying to segregate the various elements of my life such that they are presentable in discrete and finite entities. Many aspects of my life interlace in such a way that I have difficulty understanding one without taking many others into consideration. After long reflection, I felt that using "art" as a primary conduit, I might be able to share with you some of my process of living.

Virginia Hills Grass
Grass growing on a cutblock in the Virginia Hills. Northern Alberta. August 2001

Showcased here, stone carvings and paintings, ceramic sculpture, sketches, and watercolors are the media which have been witness to this amazing and continuing aspect of my life. Additionally, you should find articles describing both the technical and psychological processes used in executing some of the these works. I aslo hope to share what I have found to be inspirational work by other artists and perhaps explore what it is about these concepts I find inspiring.

Isabel Taking in Waterfall
Spring Runoff on Goat Mountain. Alberta. June, 2001

Photography is another inspirational venue that merits exhibition here on this site. Rather than a section dedicated soley to the pictures which the process of taking has meant the most to my soul, I felt it was more representative of the process to scatter them throughout the site. They capture and exhibit glimpses into many of the countless images which drift through my dreams and deliberate thought.

Please Note...Under Construction!

The following pages are a work in process. Hopefully the content you find here will continue to expand and evolve. I am however a realist when it comes to assessing my time management skills, and as am unable to promise regular and prompt updates to the site. I am very open to suggestions or discussion though...please don't be afraid to use the mail link below!  

Virginia Hills Grass
Tree dancing with Strong Wind. Kananaskis Country, Ab. Fall 1999.

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